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Are Banks becoming
'Bank Robbers?'

Federal Judge Calls Bank for Profiteering and fine Bank $203 for check re-ordering

wells fargo loses $203 million dollar overdraft law suit from

NEW YORK (AP, Eileen Aj Connelly)

U.S. District Judge William Alsup found the bank engaged in unfair and deceptive practices, in violation of state law, with a practice called "high-to-low resequencing." In general, when a customer overdrafted their checking account, the bank reordered a batch of debit charges from highest to lowest, resulting in multiple overdraft charges instead of just one. Each fee ranged from $22 to $35.In addition to requiring Wells Fargo to pay $203 million in restitution, the judge also ordered the bank to stop the practice by Nov. 30
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"... Customers reasonably expect, of course, that if they overdraft their accounts, they will have to pay an overdraft fee," Allsup wrote in his
90-page ruling, obtained by The Oregonian. "They do not, however, reasonably expect that they will have to pay up to ten overdraft fees when only one would ordinarily be incurred."

Here's an exmple of how it works:
Let's say a customer has $100 in their acount and 4 checks hit at the time of this balance, 3 checks for $25 and one check for $85. The bank pays the $85 leaving only $15 in the account so an overdraft fee could be levied on the 3 checks for $25. But, there was sufficient funds in the account to pay the $75 for the 3 $25 checks. It seems banks all over including Bank of America, that recently lost a $35 million dollar law suit last year for the same thing, try to excuse this practice by saying in a rather 'scripted' manner, that their customers want this practice so their mortgage checks get paid. A little weak considering how many mortgage payments are made for $85.

Now both banks seem to be appealing these monumental loses, obviously not caring that class action law suits tell the banks the customers feel they were ripped off. They all advertise customer service as an incentive to do business with them When will these banks ever stop!?

-- A federal judge in California ordered Wells Fargo & Co. to change what he called "unfair and deceptive business practices" that led customers into paying multiple overdraft fees, and to pay $203 million back to customers.In a decision handed down late Tuesday, U.S. District Judge William Alsup accused Wells Fargo of "profiteering" by changing its policies to process checks, debit card transactions and bill payments from the highest dollar amount to the lowest, rather than in the order the transactions took place. That helped drain customer bank accounts faster and drive up overdraft fees, a policy Alsup referred to as "gouging and profiteering."The ruling detailed the experiences of two Wells Fargo customers who used their debit cards for multiple small purchases, and were then charged hundreds in overdraft fees because the order the purchases were cleared by the bank depended on the amounts. The judge found the customers, who were part of a class action, were not properly informed of the bank's policies on processing payments and were unaware the bank would allow debit purchases to go through when their accounts were overdrawn."Internal bank memos and e-mails leave no doubt that, overdraft revenue being a big profit center, the bank's dominant, indeed sole, motive was to maximize the number of overdrafts," Alsup wrote. That policy would "squeeze as much as possible" from customers with overdrafts, in particular from the 4 percent of customers who paid what he called "a whopping 40 percent of its total overdraft and returned-item revenue."

U.S. Adoptions Injustice and Discriminatory Laws

A shocking fact was revealed by several large anti adoption groups that only two countries deny adoptees their 'natural right' to their birth records, the United States and Somalya, a country with no government. Many adoptions were a result of unwanted pregnancies, but when the laws protect the adults jaded life styles in favor of the natural born right of adoptees to know who they are, sentencing them to a life time of pyscological trauma leaving them to wonder about feeling like a 'non person', something needs to be changed. Additional research unveals that the current adoption laws are in violation of major Civil Rights codes and a flagrant violation of the 14th Ammendment of the U.S. Constitution. The 14th ammendment basically states that all citizens are entitled to the protection of preservation of 'their own property'. What more personal association can there be than the knowledge of ones 'Natural Birth' right? This is the consensus of many who have taken the side of the adoptees who are constantly being discriminated against in finding out who they really are. > more

Spam Tip of the Month

Spam is something that everyone gets hit with. It usually comes from over greedy questionable individuals and companies that have ruined the Free Enterprise factor of the Internet for the rest of us. Here's one thing you can do to really help cut down on spam. Add an Email Contact Button or Graphic on your site instead of a text link. This completely stops some of the programs these scammers run to gather your emails. These Harvesters can't read your email embedded in a graphic or button.

Coming Features: Some topics/briefs to be included:

What has happened to Music?

'True' music has given way to computerized and homogenized technical productions. Complaints by many about some of the Grammy awards given out. Where has all the quality and true talent gone. Rap is dying fast. Monopolies of stations by large 'Pac Man' companies that are 'gobbling' up everything in site for control over the air waves. Why Record labels are hurting."

Marketing in 2010

Powerful marketing tips for all types of businesses. Why you don't have to hire high priced marketing firms to produce an 'larger than life' image and identity for your firm. A better solution.


The Asteroid heading for Earth. How close is it scheduled to come, can it be stopped in time? Why mainstream press and news media only tell you what they want you to know.



FICO Score - Fair ISAAC
or Race Track Touts?

Many are saying that the word 'FAIR' should not be associated with the firm, Fair Isaac. The firm that invented the FICO score continues to receive a great deal of scrutiny and anger from the consumer public. The FICO score is now the main factor in receiving a Home Loan. While a great deal of factors affect exactly what your score will be it seems that Fair Isaac and company are being referred to as nothing more than pyschic card readers, charletons and race track touts.

For example, miss a credit card payment and your score will drop, get too many inquiries and it will also drop and here's one that really shows Fair Isaac needs to be revamped, pay off an old chargoff or delinquincy and watch your credit score drop. You've got to wonder what the staff at FICO uses for brains on that one.. Whenever you apply for a credit card for example, your FICO score will change, usually for the lower. In our review of how the FICO is actually affecting consumers, we tend to agree with the general public. The unfairness seems to be compounded by the fact of the question as to "what right does this company have to make 'predictions' on how you will pay your bills based on spending actions that have 'not as yet' been performed. For any company to make predictions on a consumers spending habits based on anything other than 'Actual Credit History', is in our opinion, both unprofessional and irresponsible.

Fair Isaac says that they are 'calculating' risk factors. They are basically doing this based off a series of mathematical equations. The most arrogant and blatant violations of a consumers predicitive spending potential is that of inquiries. There is currently a bill in congress that intends to correct that manner in which Fair Isaac can report inquiries. There should be in no way, a method that Fair Isaac should be allowed to use in negatively affecting ones FICO score simply because you applied for a loan or credit card. A person should enjoy the freedom of applying anywhere and everywhere they choose in their attempt to seek the best rates possible without being prematurely punished. The actual spending and credit 'history' should be the only factor that should be allowed to enter into an individuals FICO scoring method, anything else is simply unethical, there is no other way to state it.

anic and Atmospheric nistration (NOAA)

California - Local News!
Tickets over Public Safety!
Where's the spirit of the Law?

From: 2/8/10

Cal Trans and the Highway Patrol advertise they work together 'To Get You There'. However, recently, there have been some erros and unprofessional actions that were not in the publics best safety concerns on both parts with regards to the San Bernardino mountain communisities. In 2003 when the worst fire disaster Southern California had seen in 40 years happened, there was a tight monitoring of the access to all moutnain regions, with roadways being closed off during mandatory evacuations, then opening up strictly for the resdients to return. However, on February 8, 2010, with a storm warning in effect for that night and next day, both of these departments seriously dropped the ball leaving all moutain residents coming home from work or otherwise to fend for themselves, leaving residents to face the impending storm bringning on unsafe driving conditions with no detour or public service information to them.

Those familiar with the Lake Arrowhead mountain region know there are limited roadways to access these areas and any detour is at least a 50 mile diversion, something that could be dangerous with bad weather conditions approaching.

On this night the Highway patrol deserted their post at the intersection of Hwy 173 and 138 when the road was partially bloced to access by cones and some flares. Neither the CHP or Cal Trans left a unit at the scene to provide assistance and detour directions to the community. What's worse, 138 at the 173 turn off was only partially blocked by the cones leaving the left hand lane open, theeby confusing the commuters, with no detour signs. Some residents, being confused went around the cones to seek help in search of some law enforcement officials as the still burning flares gave the impression that either the prupose for the closure was over and Cal Trans had not yet returned to remove the cones or flares, something that frequently happens. Those that made it to the top of Vista Point saw flashing red lights ahead and were approached by a lone CHP officer who had little or no concern for their purpose and issued tickets. When asked why he evacuated his post he said they didn't have enough manpower. Also, he offereed no alternative routing and said he was there because of an accident and was needed, but he still took 30 minutes to write tickets. This was perhaps the 'Letter of the Law', but where was the 'Spirit of the Law?' This is not in the best interest of the mountain communities, especially when all he had to do was to radio ahead to the Phelan CHP office 1000 feet before the 138 exit on Hwy 15 North to inform them to post a road closed sign at the offramp. This would have at least saved residents a 40 mile diversion in bad weather.

There comes a point when some quality control measures need to be enforced within the CHP to educate their officers that they are public servants, not tax collectors. Their job is to see that the highways are safe for all commutors, but in this case their interest was in issuing tickets instead of helping the local community in such a situation.

When someone seeks out law enforcement for sound safety reasons there should be cooperation and understanding, not a punishment to gain revenue in hardhip situations. Residents were left to find their own route to the mountain and with 173 to Lake Arrowhead being an unsafe to travel dirt road, there were only a couple options, go all the way around to the front side of Hwy 18, a 50-60 mile detour, or the back way to big bear and then take the 18, not a smart option considering the weather.

There was no excuse for such harse and callous of an action on the CHP. Either Cal Trans should have left a unit in place until the impending problem was over, or the CHP should have remained on the road block area to assist commutors that were facing traveling into an upcoming storm. There were too many options available to assist the community and saying that they didn't have enough manpower is not an excuse, it is not the publics fault because the CHP Cal Trans didn't man the area in a responsible manner to ensure public safety and reduce hardhip on an entire community.

Don't worry about getting confused or being misinformed over local TV news and weather reports, observe the weather off of the Pacific West Coast 24 hrs 'directly' from NOAA.

In an infrared (IR) image cold clouds are high clouds, so the colors typically highlight the colder regions. In a water vapor image, white areas indicate moisture and dark areas indicate little or no moisture, so the colors typically highlight areas with large amounts of moisture. (NOAA)

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'Global Warming'

The Alaskan Town that melted away and is now a beach, temperatures rise in some areas and drop in others, water droughts, floods, rainforest depletions and more. Why the large press organizations don't tell the facts. The four simultaneous Hurricanes in Florida in October 2004, the Sunami the mysteriously hit, it goes on and on and just keeps getting worse. The fact is 'something' is happening to this planet that the main stream news is not telling. Is it Global Warming, the Ozone deterioration, the depletion of the Rainforests, or Eros getting closer? > more


California Archive

California Wildfires -
and Commutor Safety Measures
Mountain Regions

May 2010

Trees Healthy Again!
Word has it from the Mountain Fire Departments that this year the Trees have had some good water and are ahowing a good resistance against fire threts. Ths is a good sign for all who reside in the vast expanse of the San Bernardino Mountain regions. It will be interesting to see how some of the local papers try to stretch this to make it sound worse than it is. It's a releif to see the trees being more stable.

Cal Trans
Protect the Public not Your Egos!
"Do they understand the meaning of 'NO?!'

While this may seem a little harsh, perhaps this article is long overdue for mountain commutors safety.

It seems Cal Trans has got the mountain residents up in arms again
with their push to put in a traffic light at the 138 and 18 against their will. Something the residents have publically and clearly stated and protested that don't want. It's amazing how Cal Trans feels they can push whatever they want on a cummunity that is strongly against something.

It is now noted that Cal Trans is replacing some railings on the 18 North to Arrowhead. The question arises is that with all the accidents of drivers going off the rim that they continue to leave these ineffective 2 foot railings in place, and when they need to maintain or replace them, they continue to put in the same 2 foot railing posts. That's like putting the brake pads off of a Smart Car on a Freight Train.

If Cal Trans wants to implement safety measures they need to drop
this rediculous traffic light program and start work redesigning the rim railings to at least 3 feet. Any body can clearly see that if a car hits the current railings all that is going to happen is they are going to flip right over the edge of the mountain. And it has happened! A three year old and her tricycle wouldn't be stopped by these insane 2 feet railings. Whoever at Cal Trans decided on this calculation needs a brain
surgery, even Moe, Larry and Curly would have known better.

Cal Trans needs to bring in an engineer that understands the basic laws of physics. While they continue to dump tax payers money into what many consider to be, 'lame' projects, the most important safety improvement that they could do is to increase the height of the railings that border the steep drop off areas. Instead they want to waste tax payers money on a traffic light, a light that many residents feel is going to eventually have another one of those Constitutional controversy Red LIght cameras to bring in more revenue. Only time will tell if they are right on that note.

This is a wake up call to Cal Trans, drop your ego, when the mass of the community residents say 'No' to one of your projects, come up with something that makes sense, start adding a 3 foot railing in dangerous areas off Hwy 18!

This year started off with heavy rains and storm warnings. While the snow was not as bad as last year, the heavy rains have caused rockslides in the Mountain regions and eroding of soil on slopes and dirt roads.

Warning about traveling Hw173 route to Lake Arrowhead from the Silverwood/Hesperia area. While some may feel it is a shortcut, it is not recommended to take this route during questinoable weather conditions. The backside route is a dirt road and subject to flooding and eroding. Additionally, most cell phones may not work in this area leaving the motorist in an unsafe and vulnerable position. Unless traveling with an offroad or 4 wheel drive vehicle it is not recommended for travel. It is suggested that you call the local authorities, prior to traveling on this road or the maintenence yard at the Blue Jay cuttoff for details ont the condition.

Weather can be checked ahead of time by visiting or
Keep in mind weather conditions in the mountain regions between Crestline and Big Bear have been known to change abruptly so all weather reports during this and upcoming months should be evaluatred carefully.


Archived details that we feel are important enough to leave up

Do not foget the Progress Made Fighting Fires

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